IN PHOTOS: Mikee Quintos celebrates birthday with a concert - gohong01

Mikee Quintos celebrated her 19th birthday with a concert for her family, friends, and fans at Quintos St. in Sampaloc, Manila yesterday, December 17, 2017.

Check out the photos:


Mikee sports ragged fashion.

Encantadia co-stars

Kate Valdez, Carlo Gonzalez, Rocco Nacino, and Ruru Madrid were present in her birthday concert.

Kate Valdez

She describes Kate Valdez as her partner-in-crime.


One of the boys


Mikee is surprised by her 'Encantadia' brothers' performance.


A hug from Ruru Madrid

Mikee's father

Mikee's father, Eduardo, sings 'Jambalaya.'

Mikee Quintos

She performs on the stage.

Family and friends

She thanked her family and friends for the successful concert.


Happy birthday, Mikee!

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