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Bromances have been everywhere in dramas, and to great success, with unlikely, playful friendships between two guys bringing so much fun to the viewer experience. But just when we thought we knew bromances, we get Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) in “Descendants of the Sun,” bringing all the comic relief, all the feels, and all the best of friendship. All while maintaining their professional soldier speak. Friends or comrades? Never one and not the other.

Here are just nine of Yoo Si Jin and Seo Dae Young’s best bro moments:

1. Comrades in arms no matter what (Episode 1)

2. Double date with stuffed animals (Episode 1)

Yoo Si Jin: Your girlfriend is super pretty.

Seo Dae Young: I think I’ve met my ideal type. Your doll [girlfriend] fits you very well, too.

Yoo Si Jin: This one’s a fellow soldier.

3. Can’t fool this. (Episode 1)

Yoo Si Jin: (trying to stay at the hospital with a certain beautiful doctor) Ah, my stomach! Ah! I think it’s my appendix.

Seo Dae Young: The appendix isn’t over there.

Yoo Si Jin: Ah, it’s over here.

Seo Dae Young: You were right before. The appendix is on the other side.

Yoo Si Jin: This guy…

4. When Seo Dae Young was expert wingman (Episode 3)

(Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) asks Seo Dae Young about Wi-Fi)

Seo Dae Young: (to Kang Mo Yeon) There’s an internet cafe in the city. Coincidentally, Captain [Yoo Si Jin] will pass by it.

Seo Dae Young: He can probably give you a ride. (to Yoo Si Jin) Am I right?

Seo Dae Young dying inside:

5. “You were honorable” (Episode 4)

Seo Dae Young: I’m not escaping by my own will, but by command. I am sorry that I have to leave you at a time like this. I will report for the transfer right now.

Yoo Si Jin: I’ve been dismissed from my post so I am no longer your immediate supervisor.. So what report do I need?

Seo Dae Young: Today, all the commands given by my direct supervisor were just. Also, all the commands I received from my direct supervisor today were honorable. I will see you back home, Company Commander.

The feels…

6. The best reunion (Episode 6)

Seo Dae Young: Aren’t you on leave? What are you doing here?



…or… not?

Episode 3:

Yoo Si Jin: (drops package on table) Aren’t you going to open it?

Seo Dae Young: I can look at it later, sir.

Yoo Si Jin: I cannot wait. What if Choco Pie is in there?

Seo Dae Young: It’s more likely a terrorist bomb.

Yoo Si Jin: Why do you have to be like that? (backing away) You will open it up like a real man.

Episode 6:

8. Accidental couple tees (Episode 6)

9. When bae was busy (Episode 6)

Seo Dae Young: Why did you call?

Yoo Si Jin: I’m bored. Can’t you come here? It’s scary here, fishing at night.

Seo Dae Young: I’m hanging up.


Soompiers, what’s your favorite Song Joong Ki-Jin Goo bromance moment so far?

Descendants of the Sun” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2. Watch the first episode here:

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