Watch: Lee Sang Yoon, Yook Sungjae, Yang Se Hyung, And Lee Seung Gi Laugh And Cry Together In “All The Butlers” Preview - gohong01

SBS’s “All the Butlers” has released a clip that gives viewers a preview of what to expect on the show.

“All the Butlers” is a new variety program where Lee Seung Gi, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Lee Sang Yoon, and Yang Se Hyung visit the home of a famous figure and the spend the day with them in order to learn about their lives.

In the preview, Lee Seung Gi speaks confidently about the members’ handsome appearances to appeal to viewers. Then, the four members go to the first home of their guest star and look shocked as they meet him. It was previously revealed that the first guest to be featured is veteran singer-songwriter Jeon In Kwon.

The members comment that the lifestyle of their “teacher” is very different to theirs and face some challenges adjusting to his lifestyle. They eat when he eats, go out when he goes out, and sleeps when he sleeps. Yang Se Hyung jokes he wants to quit the show while Lee Sang Yoon’s eyes can be seen full of tears. In another scene, Lee Seung Gi grabs his face in pain as the other cast members laugh.

“All the Butlers” premieres on Sunday, December 31 at 6:25 p.m. KST. Watch the preview below!

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