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Another year went by, and although we got our fair amount of sweet love songs and heart-breaking ballads, there were some K-pop tracks that delivered beautiful messages and made our 2017 a tiny bit better. These artists were not afraid to talk about bullying, self-confidence, friendships, and the bittersweet feeling of growing up; they were here to comfort us when we needed them and they encouraged us to be powerful, free, and happy.

If you’re having a bad day, it’s time to give these songs a listen! Some might make you cry, others will put a huge smile on your face, but one thing is for sure: You will feel a lot stronger than before!

BTS – “Spring Day”

A strong bond between friends is not a common theme in pop songs; that’s what makes BTS’s spring release even more special. “Spring Day” has a lot to tell: it’s about losing and missing someone, but it’s sprinkled with hope and faith in a blossoming future. Growing up and losing friends or even losing a part of yourself is never easy, but the seven boys are here to encourage you to carry on and find the beauty in all the springs that are yet to come.


There were several times when these 13 boys made everyone laugh aloud with their adorkable personalities, and their latest single “Clap” is here to make the fans even happier! SEVENTEEN inspires everyone to just let their worries go and have a good time for a change, even if they feel crushed by life at any moment. Unfortunate things happen to everyone, but with a positive mindset and great songs like “Clap,” it’s possible to overcome all of your frustrations!

Highlight – “Can Be Better”

Highlight has a similar message to deliver: “Can Be Better” is all about living in the present; letting go of the dark memories of the past; and knowing, trusting, and loving yourself. Just be true to yourself and try to get rid of all the negative things bringing you down, and everything will turn out to be just right.

IU feat. G-Dragon – “Palette”

“Twenty Three” showed us the fragile state between childhood and adulthood, and many of us could relate to the challenges that IU brought up in the song. This year, we got the sequel with “Palette” and this new single portrays just how it feels to finally find yourself. Knowing your true identity as well as accepting and loving yourself is a huge milestone in growing up and IU is there to lead you on the way.

B.A.P – “Honeymoon”

B.A.P is never afraid to speak their mind in their songs, and their messages about society are always worth a listen. “Honeymoon” is more on the uplifting side compared to their past comebacks, but it still carries an important memo: don’t be afraid and enjoy being free and alive! Living in the moment and painting the world with your own light? Sounds definitely like a “Honeymoon”!

Zico – “Artist”

Self-expression through art is liberating, and Zico is here to give us a blank canvas, brushes, and paint. You’re able to paint your own life the way you want to, to live and create with passion. Despite the many struggles and the time and effort put into it, art is certainly something worth living for. Just do it, because as the lyrics say “life is short, art is long”!

EXO – “Power”

After a long and stressful day, nothing can cheer us up more than an uplifting, catchy song with a heartwarming message. EXO knows exactly how much their songs mean to their fans all around the world and the lyrics of “Power” describe the feeling of getting together through the common language of music. Life can be a lot of fun with these boys around, and the track accompanied with the lively music video gives us all the power we need.

Akdong Musician – “Play Ugly”

If you’ve ever been bullied for your looks, you’ll definitely relate to AKMU’s release from their “Winter” album. “Play Ugly” sends a message to all the haters and bullies of the world while they’re trying to play it cool. The real meaning of the song is clear to see: the hateful and mean comments always leave a mark and they hurt, even after many years. It’s hard to ignore what people think of your outer appearance, but you should never forget that your inner beauty is the most important!

MAMAMOO – “Yes I Am”

The MAMAMOO girls didn’t let us down this year, as they came back with the confident and powerful song, “Yes I Am.” It’s the girl anthem we were hoping for and it shows us the different personalities of the girls wonderfully. “Yes I Am” encourages us to be powerful, self-assured, unique, and believe in our own charms.

JJ Project – “Tomorrow, Today”

Coming of age has a couple of battles to fight and sometimes it seems impossible to choose the right track to step on. Jinyoung and JB make sure we know we’re not alone with our struggles: everyone is anxious, full of questions, and afraid of decisions at this age. “Tomorrow, Today” is here to pat you on the shoulder and say sometimes it’s okay to not know your path and dreams.

Soompiers! What were your favorite lyrics this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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